Do you dare to be locked up in our escape room?

You've got 60 minutes to escape!


Escaping is the perfect teambuilding activity for friends, families and colleagues. Our escape rooms are centrally located in Antwerp, Breda, Utrecht & Almere, with a bar or restaurant at location. See you soon in one of our escape rooms!

"Today we did the escape room, when we entered the room I was really excited. The escape room was challenging, but a really fun experience! And we managed to escape!" - Jenna

Escape rooms are a unique group activity for companies,friends, families orbachelor parties! Whether you call it a room escape, escape room game or trap room, the idea is simple: you are locked up in a room and have 60 minutes to escape. What happens in the escape room remains a mystery, but a fun experience is guaranteed! Do you manage to escape within 60 minutes?



Ready for a challenge with your friends? At Escaping you're at the right spot! For one hour, you will be locked up and escape reality.

Teamwork and strategy are key! Ideally for bachelor parties, but you can also visit with a group of school friends! One thing is certain... you get to know each other very well.


Playing an escape room at Escaping is the perfect way to spend time with your family. From young to old, everyone can play an escape room. 

When it's time for the annual family reunion or grandma’s birthday, do something unique and book an escape room! The game guarantees you and your family lots of fun. 


Looking for a fun and original way to get to know your team? Play an escape room! By working together and applying the best strategy you can solve various puzzles and escape the room.

Team building with your colleagues has never been so much fun before!