Do you want to run your own escape facility? Become franchisee at Escaping!

City centers must be exciting again, nice to visit, and an experience. To attract visitors, cities should be inspiring and entertaining. Escaping brings great attractions to the city centers. With its escape rooms, Escaping is the most unique group outing, suitable for all bachelor parties, business trips or groups of friends!

The concept is simple: you get locked up in a room and have 60 minutes to escape. What happens in the escape room remains a mystery, but a fun experience is guaranteed! Are you in?

My name is Rowan Rozemond. Expansion Manager at Escaping. Together with our team, we create unique experiences in city centers. The escape rooms of Escaping are an important part of this. 

An escape room is an attraction in which you are locked up in a room with your team. Once inside, there is a storyline and you find clues, which lead to solving puzzles. 

As a franchisee at Escaping you run your own Escaping facility in which multiple escape rooms are built. Each escape room has its own story and is an experience in itself. You run the hospitality and attractions. Also, you come up with local marketing activities and execute them. Together with your team, you make sure visitors have a great experience! As a franchisee you get a training program, guidance and access to our systems. We build the attractions and learn you how to maintain them. In addition, you can make use our relevant network of lawyers, accountants and personal coaches.

But, that's not all! Escaping also offers you national marketing and we take care of the entire administrative process, so you can really do what you are good at. Do you have an entrepreneurial character, are you enthusiastic, flexible and are you good at working with people? Contact me to make an appointment for a meeting. 

Escaping, are you in? Get in contact via this link!